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  • May 24, 2016 at 7:38 am #118

    When you think of a terminal illness you think it literally sucks the life out of an individual. With Aiden it didn’t.
    The disease took his mobility, not his bright beautiful eyes and huge smile that could light up a room. He could communicate with everyone through his eyes. He was a special baby.
    I was recently retelling Aiden’s story and along with that come showing pictures of him. I was holding it all together until the girl said to me “he doesn’t even look sick.”
    I lost it because he didn’t look sick enough to not make it through his stomach tube surgery and have everything go wrong that could have in his last week with us. It made me mad that my beautiful baby had to be taken away from me so soon. I didn’t have enough time. He didn’t have enough time. We weren’t given a chance to fight for him. We didn’t have a choice.
    I have learned you don’t need to “look sick” to have a disease or life threatening illness. What I can say though it through those bright beautiful eyes I could see Aiden scared yet holding it together for us. What we could give him was love and make the best choices that we could for him. Help him enjoy people and life as long as he was with us.
    Now continue to share his story. Inspire others. It isn’t all our strength…
    We get strength and inspiration from Aiden. Our goal is to teach others to be kind and treat people well. Always look out for those who are sick and help the best way we can.